Electro-Static Powder Coating Unit

By establishing the GÜLSAN Aluminum Electrostatic Powder Coating Facility, it had the opportunity to make a sensitive investment in very important issues such as high capacity with new features, energy saving and environmental awareness.

40 Meter Furnace Thanks to its 70-meter conveyor tunnel-type furnace, it provides energy savings and a monthly dyeing capacity of 400 tons.

With 8 Wagner robotic arms, the facility is capable of covering 1.000.000 m² of paint per year.

The quality controls of the painted products are controlled by performing weight loss calculation, boiling water test, scratch test, impact test, camber test, cylindrical bending test, gloss measurement and coating thickness measurements in the laboratory environment.

Powder coated profiles have a decorative appearance. They also show resistance to ultraviolet rays and sudden temperature changes. According to customer demands, dyeing is done with a wide range of colors in different Ral codes.