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About Us

Gülsan Alüminyum Profil San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. started selling Aluminum Billets in Topçular, Istanbul in 2007. As of 2013, the company has been continuing its Aluminum Profile Manufacturing activities in a new factory of 4.000 m2 indoors space. In 2016, GÜLSAN ALÜMİNYUM adopted a growth strategy based on export in addition to meeting the needs of the ever-increasing domestic market, so the company widened its machinery range and teams to continue on a route of complete service. Without sacrificing its product or production quality, GÜLSAN ALÜMİNYUM has carried its brand to an important place in Turkey by efficiently using the most developed technologies and resources. The company always has had a wide vision to better serve its customers.

In order to preserve our leader position in the industry and continue our rightful value in the eyes of our customers, we constantly invest in our brand and always aim to strengthen the trust we have earned so far in the future projects.

The ever-increasing competitiveness in our national economy makes the necessity of companies creating strong brands even more prominent than ever. The Aluminum Profiles Gülsan Alüminyum manufactures are not only for domestic consumption but also to export to several countries around the world. In this direction, the company is about to become one of the most preferred companies in this product group. Gülsan earned the trust of the customer not only in Turkey, but also in over 30 countries on 5 continents.

Our Mission

In order to add value to our shareholders, our mission is;

To become the preferred supplier for our customers by offering them the true combination of high-quality, good service levels, innovation, and right prices; to leave a more livable world for future generations via sustainable production methods; to create a modern and safe working are for our employees; to try and reach operational perfection in every aspect of our job; and to strengthen our brand with each activity.

Our Vision

To become a company that exceeds all customer and employee expectations, increases and sustains international growth, adopts a global culture, known in the international platforms, follows and leads modern innovations in world standards, is taken as an example among other aluminum manufacturing companies, serves all domestic and international customers with the highest service quality, and a company that makes its customers feel safe while meeting all of their expectations. 

People has been choosing us for their work solutions for over 11 years for a rightful reason.


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Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

In order to create satisfied customers;

• Cheerful customer service
• High quality
• Designing products and services according to customer needs

Righteousness and Trustworthiness

As Gülsan Alüminyum, we see our customers as our partners in the company. In order to sustain long relationships with our customers;

• Honest communications
• Acting in accordance with the rules
• Keeping promises in time

Employee Satisfaction

In order to create a developing and educatory working environment for our employees;

• Showing utmost care to occupational health and security
• Creating team work and a cosy environment
• Organizing trainings to contribute to the growth of the company